TAVIE Release in post operative pain management

TAVIE-PainRelief was validated in randomized clinical trials, for its benefits in supporting patients with postoperative pain management and adherence to prescribed opioid regimen. The trial included two arms of thirty patients, one assigned to the TAVIE program and one assigned to standard of care. Investigators tested the acceptability and validity of a Virtual Nurse intervention in acute care. Results were published in the journal Computers Informatics Nursing 2013. <br /><br />The protocol assigned to the experimental group included a 30-minute virtual pre-operative educational session about postoperative pain management as well as two short in person postoperative reinforcement sessions. Results were highly positive with 96% of patients showing “high appreciation” and agreeing that “the strategies proposed responded to [their] needs”. <br /><br />The study concluded on the acceptability and viability of using a VirtualNurse as part of the discharge process to improve outcomes. The TAVIE team is further exploring the benefits of TAVIE-PainRelief in the transitional care process to improve recovery and reduce hospital readmissions as well as in chronic pain management.