TAVIE Receives Finance Innovation “Fintech” Award

Paris, France – June 17th 2016 – TAVIE received the Finance-Innovation “Fintech” Award for their TAVIE-Plus application. The label recognizes application found “credible, strategic and innovative” by a committee of experts from the health insurance sector.<br /><br />The <strong>TAVIE Plus</strong> application is an innovative approach to engage at-risk individuals in healthier behavior and prevention by using a VirtualNurse (coach). The platform helps individuals identify their health risks and address them with a disease-tailored intervention. The product is built on a partnership between MedClinik SAS (France) and DomPlus.<br /><br /><em>“We are thrilled to receive this award and the acknowledgment by industry leaders of the singular value offer of <strong>TAVIE Plus</strong>, a behavioural coaching and monitoring integration into the overall support value chain provided by DomPlus”</em> states <strong>Claire Kamoun, MedClinik Director of Patient Programs.</strong><br /><br /><strong>MedClinik</strong> is a subsidiary of 360Medlink, a leading healthcare software company based in Canada. MedClinik specializes in clinically validated digital interventions to optimize individual health behavior. DomPlus is a pioneer in customized services to the French insurance market. With their philosophy, “Priorité à la personne”, DomPlus has been supporting insured individuals for over fifteen years and currently caters to over 10 million beneficiaries. The <strong>TAVIE Plus</strong> application marries the VirtualNurse coaching and remote monitoring with DomPlus-renown support for the daily concerns of insured beneficiaries.<br /><br />MedClinik and Domplus will be jointly releasing the first live roll-out by the year’s end and are looking forward to the evaluation in order to ascertain the impact of this evidence based intervention.<br /><br /><strong>About TAVIE</strong><br />TAVIE, the first clinically validated VirtualNurse, was developed to provide customized real-time support to patients living with chronic health problems who must manage the challenges inherent to their health conditions. This virtual nursing intervention was developed by a group of health professionals, including nurses, physicians, a pharmacist, and a nutritionist. It was tested in several clinical studies for qualitative impact and patient experience, as well as quantitative efficacy on sustainable behaviour change and clinical results.<br /><br />Read more:<br /><br /><strong>About DomPlus</strong><br />Founded sixteen years ago in Canada with DomPlus Inc., DomPlus is a company that provides social consulting services and support to beneficiaries on behalf of insurance companies.<br /><br />Read more:<br /><br /><strong>About Finance Assurance</strong><br />The Finance Innovation Cluster supports SMEs and innovative developments of the financial scene, including banks, insurers, asset managers, financial institutions, universities and research centers. The organization’s mission is to encourage the emergence of industrial projects in various businesses, improve innovative markets, develop and coordinate financial research and promote French finance and accelerate the development of financial growth in French companies. <br /><br />Read more: