TAVIE Rewarded at Doctors 2.0 & Stanford X

TAVIE entered and won second place at the Doctors 2.0 and You Start Up Award Competition. The jury composed of European and American doctors recognized TAVIE’s innovative approach and positive impact on medication adherence. TAVIE was developed by healthcare professionals seeking to improve their patient’s outcome while fitting with medical practice. The rigorous validation process behind the TAVIE portfolio didn’t go unnoticed by the jury. The awarding jury member and Stanford doctor told 360Medlink Director of Patient Programs, Claire Kamoun, she can, “see the tool helping her patients and is looking forward to the first real-life deployments in Europe and US.”<br /><br />Following the award, TAVIE will also be presented at the U.S. sister conference Stanford X in San Francisco in September 2015. As Award winner, TAVIE is invited to the next edition of Doctors 2.0 &amp; You in June 2016.<br /><br />Read Press Release: <a href=””></a>