TAVIE VirtualNurse Uptake in France

In late 2014, TAVIE was selected by the first Canadian Technology Accelerator Program. These highly selective programs allowed 360Medlink to have a first high level market response to the VirtualNurse. Over the early months of 2015 and with the publication of the quantitative results of TAVIE showing efficacy to sustainably improve adherence, interest from partners and prospective clients was clear.<br /><br />Just a few weeks after completing the Acceleration Program, 360Medlink already signed with local distributor IDS-Santé to accelerate commercialisation of TAVIE to French Pharma clients. IDS-Santé is an established twenty-year old group promoting innovative healthcare solutions. IDS-Santé rapidly saw TAVIE potential on the French market and is actively promoting the TAVIE portfolio to leading pharmaceutical laboratories in France.<br /><br />Read Press release: <a href=””></a>