TAVIE Women Receives Health Equality Award

The TAVIE VirtualNurse to help women living with HIV-AIDS. This project led by José Côté, a researcher at the Research Centre of the Hospital of the University of Montreal (CHUM Research Centre) and holder of the Research Chair on new nursing practices of the University of Montreal, has received national recognition by winning the Equality 2016 Thérèse Casgrain in the health category.<br /><br />The winning project, “From TAVIE-HIV to TAVIE-Woman: better meet the needs of women living with HIV” is a VirtualNurse intervention to support women living with HIV in taking antiretroviral therapy.<br /><br /><em>”We are extremely proud to have won this award, which for us means the importance and relevance of developing innovative initiatives that take into account the singular reality of women living with HIV to support them in taking drugs”</em> said José Côté.<br /><br />According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, women represent 23% of people living with HIV. Knowing that they have to deal with challenges specific to their gender and their health condition, including planning and monitoring of pregnancy, the Research Chair on new nursing practices of the University of Montreal in collaboration with health professionals Ste-Justine University Hospital developed the TAVIE-Woman intervention to meet their specific needs. Women are invited to take self-learning sessions to the computer, to help them manage taking their medications and prevent the risk of HIV transmission to the baby.<br /><br />The project began in June 2014. The results extracted from HIV-TAVIE (men and women living with HIV) revealed eloquent remarks from women, said José Côté: “In general, women consider that strategies offered by the VirtualNurse can track their treatment and help psychologically break the isolation and stigma they face. ” The team now wants to assess and implement the TAVIE-Woman project more widely in Quebec this fall.<br /><br />The CRCHUM team thanks the Millennia2025 Foundation and 360Medlink/MedClinik company for their contribution to the project.<br /><br />Read More:<br /><a href=””></a><br /><a href=”″></a><br /><a href=””></a><br /><p>&nbsp;</p>